Ukrainian radical Mosiychuk was admitted insulted Ramzan Kadyrov and shot his photo

Украинский радикал Мосийчук оскорбил Рамзана Кадырова и расстрелял его фото

A former battalion commander “Azov”, and nowadays, people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the Radical party of Ukraine Ihor Mosiychuk was admitted’ve recorded and uploaded a video in which he is extremely violent and abusive expressions threatens the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov and his photo shoots.

Previously Mosiychuk was admitted asked the volunteer battalion of the interior Ministry “Holy Mary” deliver Ramzan Kadyrov on the Maidan”.

A former battalion commander Mosiychuk was admitted one of the three Ukrainian deputies, who had publicly supported the attack of the rebels in Grozny on December 4, and called for destabilization of the situation in Russia and, in particular, in Chechnya.

After that, deputies of Ukraine Yuriy Birch, Andrew Levoca and Igor Mosiychuk SC of the Russian Federation initiated a criminal case.

Answer Ramzan Kadyrov was hard – he promised to “bury in the earth all those who agree with the terrorists, and instructed to detain and deliver Birch, Levoca and Mosiychuk in Chechnya. SBU then increased security for three Ukrainian deputies.