Legendary aircraft designing Bureau “Il” celebrated its 80th anniversary

Легендарному авиаконструкторскому бюро "Ил" исполнилось 80 лет

Legendary Russian Il-96, which successfully operates Cuba, recently was going to buy Venezuela. The situation in the country so far, apparently, does not have to purchase, but, fortunately, today we can say that the KB name Ilyushin very good prospects and excluding exports. This weekend KB celebrates its 80th anniversary in a more optimistic mood than before.

Ulyanovsk aircraft factory last few years has just died. Now here will be to build a fully updated silt with a long name 76-MD-90A. (more…)

Chavez lived. Chavez is alive. What to do with Venezuela?

Чавес жил. Чавес жив. К чему готовиться Венесуэле?

On Wednesday the decision of the Parliament of the “Great socialist people’s Arab Jamahiriya” – so the country was called when Gaddafi was renamed to the “State of Libya”. But what fate awaits now the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela”, named Hugo Chavez, it is not yet clear. In Europe, we in the evaluation of events in Latin America do not always understand how there and what works. In fact, one of the most important events of the last two days around Chavez is not even on this visit to him in (more…)

The head of the FMS: Russia will simplify the mechanism for obtaining citizenship for foreigners

Глава ФМС: Россия упростит механизм получения гражданства для иностранцев

Of course, Russia with our GDP per capita at purchasing power parity in 21 thousand dollars, far from the leaders of Old Europe: the native Depardieu, France, Britain, and almost twice ahead of us in Germany. But Russia is already ahead of such recently turned away from her towards the EU countries as Latvia, as considered advanced Estonia, not to mention Bulgaria and Romania. And this is not a complete list. In Russia, as they say, have something to catch, so the prospect of becoming a citizen (more…)

Why in Russia to live well: Moscow Greek explained that attracts Europeans

Почему в России жить хорошо: московский грек объяснил, что привлекает европейцев

Many people are interested in what the New world saw in Russia played in the time of the discoverer of America, Christopher Columbus Gerard Depardieu. Assigning him Russian citizenship in the days of the Christmas holidays equally excited and those who love Putin Depardieu, and those who can’t stand. On the Internet until recently, it seemed, was talking about the decision of Putin.

Hardly Depardieu has chosen Russia only because of taxes. It’s wrong though, because 13% income pay here only (more…)

Russia plans to send cosmonauts to the moon

Россия собирается отправить космонавтов на Луну

Operating in the Russian Federation program “Space activities of Russia in 2013-2020” provides for the development of technologies for interplanetary flights and naplanete of human activity. The announcement was released today Roscosmos.

In a series of other things, planned the creation of an advanced manned transportation system that will provide the human flights to the moon. “In the field of basic space research projects will be implemented, which will allow to overcome the gap from the (more…)

Serdyukov blames for fraud in the defense of their subordinates

Сердюков перекладывает вину за махинации в Минобороны на своих подчиненных

Former head of the Russian Ministry of defence Anatoly Serdyukov says that he is innocent of the fraud with the state property, which, according to the police, was sold by repeatedly discounted price. About this “Interfax” story, a source close to the investigation.

In written testimony presented last Friday, investigators of the main military investigation Department, Serdyukov recounts his version of the mechanism for the sale of military property and denies his guilt,” – said the Agency (more…)

Putin promised to discuss the problems of Krymsk in Moscow

Путин пообещал обсудить проблемы Крымска в Москве

Still remaining problems of the residents of Krymsk flood victims last summer, will be resolved. It promised Vladimir Putin. The President also intends to convene a meeting in Moscow, to determine a strategy to protect the city from natural disasters in the future. The head of state praised the site selected for the new homes, which is located on the hill and not in the lowlands.

“We need to meet in Moscow with the heads of all departments, to see what to do for all the ministries to protect (more…)

Padva: reason to change the status Serdyukov no

Падва: оснований менять статус Сердюкова нет

The former head of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation Anatoly Serdyukov today gave evidence in the case of “Oboronservis”, but refused to answer some of the questions of the investigator. Such statement was made by the lawyer of the former Minister Henry Padva.

“The information that Serdyukov refused to answer all the questions of the investigator, is incorrect. Today at the interrogation he answered a number of questions by the investigator, but only in a limited way, on (more…)

Smoking on the screen will be accompanied by the titles of his harm

Курение на экране будут сопровождать титрами о его вреде

The state Duma has proposed that as quickly as possible to enact anti-Smoking law, and to prohibit Smoking at work and the inclusion of scenes of Smoking in new movies. The demonstration of old paintings, containing such personnel, deputies offer to accompany public service announcements about the dangers of Smoking.

According to the newspaper “Izvestia”, the initiators of the introduction of new amendments in the second reading were members of the Presidium of the General Council “United (more…)

Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation explained the “law of Dima Yakovlev”

Пресс-секретарь президента РФ дал пояснения по "закону Димы Яковлева"

The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov has promised that the Russian authorities will closely review each case stop the process of adoption of Russian children in connection with the entry into force of the relevant law.

“For those who are not able to leave, but all the formalities completed, and if they is some exaggerations, we will naturally these cases to consider. This is because children, children have always been treated, treat and will be treated with great attention. No one (more…)